Moreno 200 L-90 U-180

System, Moreno 200, are wooden stairs, are made by the Polish manufacturer with attention to the proper selection of materials, high durability even during intensive use and attractive appearance. Wooden stairs are made of solid beech wood and steel with a satin finish.

Wooden stairs have been created in such a way that their self-assembly is very easy even for an amateur. It is enough to choose the model of wooden stairs to the size of the hole in the ceiling and the height of the room. Wooden stairs in the model  Moreno 200 have several types of treatments: straight, torsional and U-180; the last two are available in both left and right procedures.

Thanks to the use of excellent quality materials, the stairs stay in good shape for a long time, even when used intensively. They are easy to care for and assemble and are a practical and aesthetic complement to any interior.