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Spiral stairs CORA model Madryt 150 cm
Hole in the ceiling-minimal: round 160 cm, square 160x160 cm, the height of the stairs 260.0-299,0 cm (landing flush with the upper floor), the height of the stairs 280,0-322,0 cm (landing below the upper floor), height solid step 20,0 / 23,0 cm, width of usable use 650 mm (between the column and the railing, stair operation: left or right

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Spiral stairs CORA model Madryt 150 cm - 13 elements (12 pcs. step+1 landing)
Spiral stairs made by a Polish producer of beech wood (color to choose from) and steel with black, matte finish. The stairs are adapted for self-assembly in a hole in the ceiling with a diameter / side of 160 cm. In the country, the manufacturer provides professional assembly on request.

There are two types of landing: triangular, adapted to the opening in the square and round ceiling, and trapezoidal, for the square hole. The model of stairs has both left and right treatment, so many assembly concepts evoked by the universal form of these stairs are possible.

The stairs are adjusted only after the ordering of the height at which the landing is to be located - even with the floor on the upper ceiling. Non-standard orders are possible to implement in consultation with the manufacturer, after sending the appropriate projections of the room, where the stairs are to be located.
Polish producer of spiral, winding and spiral stairs CORA
Available sizes of stairs are 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200 and more
Load carrying capacity: 180 kg load per one step.
Stair treatment: left-handed or clockwise looking from the first step

Technical parameters
Opening in the ceiling - minimal stairs with a diameter of 150 cm can be used for:
round hole 160 cm,
square hole 160x160 cm, rectangular hole (but shorter side larger than the diameter of stairs by 10 cm)
directly adjacent to the mezzanine,

Types of landing
To the hole:
- round:   160 cm - triangular landing,
- square: 160 x 160 cm - triangular, trapezoidal landing,
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Model Madryt 150 cm
Technical description
number of elements: 13 pieces (12 pcs. steps + 1 landing)
storey height: 260.0 / 322.0 cm
Attention !!!
When buying stairs, specify the height (bottom floor / upper floor), because the step height is not adjustable (fixed). We will make stairs to size.
The landing can be used:
- at a height: from 260 cm to 299 cm - (13 elements) / landing flush with the upper floor,
- at height: from 280 cm to 322 cm - (13 elements / 14 levels) / landing below the upper floor,
step height: not adjustable (fixed) from 20,0 to 23,0 cm (made to measure)
thickness of the step: 40 mm
width of the step: usable 650 mm (between the column and the railing),
type of wood: solid beech
Wood finish (color): Illustrative image (on beech / natural beech lacquer) or other colors from the wood color palette or matte paint acc. RAL
metal color: black matt structure (RAL 9005)
central column cover: metal
One-sided railing + on the landing
Balusters 22 mm
Recessed in stepa
After 4 pieces per steps

Handrail plastic / black matt

Non-standard stairs to be agreed
If you can not adjust the stairs according to the below schemes, we will make unusual stairs to measure.
We will make the project, the price of the stairs based on:
- views of the cross-section of the building with actual dimensions,
- or please create a sketch with real dimensions and send it to the e-mail address: post@coratrapp.no
We will prepare a special offer and send to e-mail.
Completion date:
- Delivery without assembly - 2 / 3 weeks
- Delivery assembly - 3 / 6 weeks
Contact: technical advice directly
In hours: 9.00 til 20.00 hours
e-mail: post@coratrapp.no      Contact: +47 939 89 186
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